About Us

We are Alice and George, passionate Emergency Medicine doctors dedicated to improve other people’s lives! We love our jobs but we would also like a bit more time to spend with the children and also to work on our WHY, which is to help people achieve their maximum health and wealth!

In this spirit we created The Property Doctors where we design modern, elegant, luxurious co living spaces for professionals to live in! We are creating safe, warm, practical homes/working spaces with all the amenities required, like high speed full fibre Internet and home office facilities!

All our houses are set up with the customer’s needs and excellent experience as a first intention and we offer high spec spacious en-suite rooms, modern and comfortable furniture for living and work, contemporary décor, privacy and safety matched with large shared living and kitchen planned to facilitate enjoyable time spent together by all the residents of our houses.

Our Recent Projects

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We are offering a mixture of single lets, co living spaces for proffesionals, and short term serviced accomodations in the UK. Please contact us for availability.

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Our philosophy

Our added 30 years of experience in the medical work looking after people in a patient centred manner is being translated in the care we have for our property customers. We want our tenants to have the best experience and we always respond immediately to any distress they might have. We spare no expense in dealing with any issue and we always try to make them feel like home! 

At The Property Doctors we create spaces that are contemporary, beautiful, functional, modern, high tech and we offer not only rooms and houses but we offer homes for our customers and we pride ourselves with a design that we would love to live in as well.

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